What is Glogster.com?"A glog is like a poster, only better. A glog is an online poster that allows students to add images, video files, sound files, text, and hyperlinks. Glogs address multiple learning styles and easily incorporate student research and educational content into a web publication. They are free, use no ink, and are fun!"!"Jan McGeeWhy Glog?
  • Mix graphics, photos, videos, music and text into slick Glogs. Glog yourself every day!
  • Amaze your friends - send others links to your Glogs.
  • Have fun browsing Glogs, comment on other people's Glogs and get inspiration


**Glogster** is a powerful tool for students to use to create online collages that they can share with their friends and classmates. It can best be described, as Amy Mayer did **here**, as an online poster creation tool with music. Glogster introduces students to 3-D communication skills, enabling them to communicate and evaluate information and meaning. With Glogster, students can express their mood, feelings and ideas through text, audio, video and graphics.

Setting Up a Glog

  • Slide Presentation:
Below you can see a brilliant presentation which clearly explains all you must know about Glogster and how to make your own Glog.

Glog On!
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  • Handout versions:
You can print the following leaflet with basic instructions about Glogster: **Traci Blazosky's handout**

  • Video Tutorials

Watch the following video tutorial on Glogster by Traci Blazosky, the Queen of Glogsters.

More videos:

    • Glog Examples
Picadilly Circus
The London Eye
The Great Barrier Reef
India (by Galileo Galilei students in 3º ESO!!!)
My best friend (by a Galileo Galilei student in 1º ESO!!!)
South Africa (by Gaileo Galilei students in 3ºESO)
Glogs from all around the world